The Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc, founded in 1893, is one of the most outstanding associations of artists and lovers of art and culture in Barcelona. With more than 115 years of history, the institution has welcomed important Catalan artists and intellectuals, including Alexander Riquer, Antoni Gaudí, Josep Puig i Cadafalch and Joan Miró. The link between Sant Lluc and several of the main representatives of the modernist generation as well as the avant-garde has allowed the institution to become a leading reference within the cultural and artistic panorama of the country.

The artistic production of Sant Lluc is carried out within the drawing, notes and fixed pose studios, as well as within the engraving, photography and sculpture workshops where the different aesthetic possibilities of the figure and the model are studied. But, together with these spaces, exhibitions, debates and courses expand the offer of Sant Lluc as a center for artistic practice.

In 2009 Sant Lluc inaugurated its new headquarters in the Palau Mercader, a 16th century building located in the historic center of the city. The change of location gave way to a new phase of the institution aimed at a greater cultural projection on the city and an enriching exchange with the society of our time. Drawing, which has always been at the center of Sant Lluc's activities, thus emerges again as the main axis of all his artistic creation.

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President: Sebastián Marcelino Armenter

Vice President: Jordi Muñoz

Tresorer: Miquel Alsina

Secretari: Miquel Llimona

Vocal: Marcos Palazzi

Vocal: Maru Godas

Vocal: Fernando Ellakuria

Vocal: Elisabet Marrugat

Vocal: Inés Batlló

Vocal: Lázaro Larry Huggins

Vocal: Wilfried Florian Alexandre Prager



Rebeca Blanco : Programació

Itziar Sen: Planificació

Natalia Lucía Legarreta: Recepció

Judith Pijuan: Recepció

Pol Gilbert: Logística